Wines of

On this Mediterranean soil, the combination of tradition and modern techniques give aroma and character to the Château du Rouët wines.

The selection of the best grape varieties for these acidic, forest soils enables the elaboration and maturing of red, rosé and white "A.O.P. Côtes de Provence" wines, in the production area of the "Terroir de Fréjus".

Come and discover our different range of wines. To taste them, come and visit us all year round at our tasting cellar.

Complementing its viticultural activity, the Château du Rouët has developed a trade wine buisness under the brand name of "Le Rouët". These high quality wines are closely linked to the image of the Château.They are produced in partnership with winemakers, repectful of their vines and soils.
The labour of these wine-makers is completed by the bottling in our winery, guarantee for quality, respect of the "terroir" and a family know-how.